Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan has been irked by theatres banning the phrase ‘ladies and gentlemen’, calling the move ‘nonsense’. The 54-year-old host blasted the decision as ‘virtue signalling guff’ and suggested that ‘women will be the ones who end up suffering’ from the change. Piers began: ‘Here’s my point: For a tiny percentage of people, all language is now being changed. What is this nonsense?’ He went on to say: ‘Do we now have to end any gender terminology? No more boy, no more girl, no more lady, no more gentlemen… that’s where this is going. It’s not a joke. ‘You know what, I rather like the phrase ladies and gentlemen. I don’t like the fact that a tiny amount of people are changing the way we speak about everything. Then we’ll have gender-neutral award ceremonies. There will be no more Best Actress. ‘Women will be the ones, as always, who end up suffering. I just don’t understand why all language has to change.’ Piers Morgan had a lot to say on the matter.

Co-host Susanna Reid had her say though and added: ‘It’s not all language. And isn’t ladies and gentlemen quite old fashioned? ‘Perhaps people just want to update it.’ She added: ‘No one calls you a gentleman in real-life anyway.’

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