A dying baby spent 24 hours in agony and distress after being abused by a babysitter who then failed to seek help.

Three month-old Alaya Foster died of a fractured skull, a brain bleed and a damaged spine in February, with her killer Samantha Klein, 31, jailed for 25 years Tuesday.

Prosecutor Holly Sloma told a court in Niagara County, New York: ‘This baby was clearly in distress, and this defendant knew it.’

Sloma did not offer an explanation as to how Alaya sustained the injuries that killed her, and said investigators still have no motive for the horrific killing. The prosecutor added: ‘Everyone wants to know, why did she hurt her and why didn’t she seek help.

Klein apologized for killing Alaya in court, but has never explained how the baby was injured, or said why she hurt her

‘(Klein) did this to a defenseless baby, and she did nothing — nothing — to seek help.’ Klein was tasked with caring for Alaya while facing charges for selling fentanyl and attempted armed robbery.

She is believed to have injured Alaya within hours of taking her in – and used her phone to Google the symptoms of seizures and a baby not being conscious.

Later the same day, Klein chatted to Alaya’s mom, but did not say anything was wrong. She finally called 911 in the early hours the next day, with Alaya rushed to hospital.

The baby died of her injuries there shortly afterwards, the Niagara Gazette reported. Klein initially denied any wrongdoing, but admitted first-degree manslaughter in October. She admitted the drugs and attempted robbery charges at the same hearing.

The killer was scheduled to a further nine years on both charges, to run concurrently to the manslaughter sentence. Klein herself apologized for the killing in court, but still refused to say how or why she did it. She said: ‘I knew I should have gotten help sooner. ‘I’m truly sorry. I didn’t know what was wrong with her.’

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