A police officer accused of raping two women and sexually assaulting a third allegedly told one of his victims he liked when she fought back.

Police Officer Anthony Westerman, 25, was charged on Sunday with two counts of rape and three counts of sexual assault in Baltimore County, Maryland. Westerman allegedly lured one woman to his home after meeting her at a bar by telling her he planned to call her an Uber.

Westerman reportedly bought shots for a crowd at the a bar in White Marsh and the woman passed out in her car, with plans to drive home when she was sober.

She woke up to Westerman and one of her friends knocking on her window. Westerman allegedly stated he was going to order the women a ride home – but instead took them to his house, where he raped one of them, according to charging documents.

The woman said she tried to stop Westerman as he got on top of her, but he ‘told her that he liked it when she pushed at him and when she told him to stop,’ prosecutors said. Prosecutors said that incident occurred on October 4, 2017.

Another alleged victim, a 20-year-old woman, told police she was drinking at Westerman’s home on June 8, 2019 when she fell asleep in his spare bedroom. She said Westerman later woke her up and raped her, but she did not immediately report the incident because ‘she knew Defendent Westerman was a Baltimore County Police Officer.’

Westerman reportedly sexually assaulted a third victim, a 22-year-old woman who said she was a friend of Westerman’s, at a birthday party in late June. The woman said Westerman took he to a ‘secluded area’, where ‘he wanted to show or tell her something,’ but instead he grabbed her and tried to kiss her twice, charging documents state. On Sunday, Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt released a statement, writing: ‘The allegations made in this case are reprehensible and are not representative of the values and ethics of the Baltimore County Police Department.’

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