Spanish Big Brother is in a storm after a contestant was forced to watch footage of her own alleged sexual assault, after she was allegedly raped by her boyfriend and fellow contestant.

Carlota Prado was a star in the 2017 season of the reality TV show, locally known as Gran Hermano Revolution, and has since become embroiled in a controversy after it emerged show producers showed her footage of herself being allegedly assaulted by Josa María Lopez while passed out following an alcohol-fuelled party in the house.

It’s reported Lopez moved to initiate intimate contact as the pair returned to the bedroom, however Prado rebuffed his advances, as she said ‘No, I can’t’, before passing out. Lopez is accused of then penetrating Prado as she lay unresponsive, with the alleged assault lasting five minutes.

The next day, Lopez told Prado ‘he took care of her’ following the boozy party, before he was expelled from the house and Prado was was taken to the diary room where she was shown the disturbing footage that had her in tears.

Lopez has denied assaulting Prado and in Spanish law, sexual abuse cannot be considered rape unless perceived violence or intimidation occurred.

It’s unclear whether she knew the incident took place, however in the clip released, Prado emotionally asked for Big Brother to stop playing the footage of her alleged assault to her, before a producer and psychologist finally entered the room and she was taken to a nearby hotel.

According to the BBC, she said: ‘Please, Super, stop now, please,’ before she asked to leave the house, returning several days later ‘following psychologist’s approval’. Even though the footage was shown in 2017, the show continues to face backlash after several companies pulled advertising, after El Confidencial revealed the treatment of Prado in the diary room, as she was told not to tell her fellow housemates as Lopez was evicted from the series.

The show is produced by Zeppelin in Spain, and is part of larger company Endemol Shine, who has stated the footage was turned over to the police following the incident, however it’s not clear where in the investigative stage the show is at.

The El Confidential report claimed ‘neither Telecinco nor Big Brother have contacted Carlota in the two years since. Carlota has been in psychological and psychiatric treatment that whole time, on medication and unable to work.’

Meanwhile regional Madrid MP Beatriz Gimeno said: ‘The producers should be investigated for a failure in their duty to rescue the victim, which is a criminal offence.’

In a statement to Variety, Endemol Shine said they had ‘protocols in place’ which were followed by the Spanish team. ‘Upon review, housemate Jose María was expelled from the house, housemate Carlota received professional support from independent counsellors,’ the statement continued. ‘After several days out of the house, during which Carlota was continually accompanied, and continued to receive psychological support, she then decided not to press charges and to return to the program, with the psychologist’s approval. ‘We’d like to stress no footage was ever shot with the intention of being broadcast.

However, with hindsight we regret that the conversation where Carlota was informed took place in the diary room environment. The footage was only supplied as evidence when requested by the authorities, encrypted and guarded. ‘The decision not to inform the housemates of the incident, and why Carlota was asked not to mention the incident at the time, was taken by the production team in good faith at that point, in order to protect her privacy and because the incident was due to be reported to the police. As a judicial matter, we are respectful of the ongoing legal process.’

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  1. So did the producers and everyone else bts in that house just watch and let it happen?!?!?!



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