A serial shoplifter who was told she could not go into any shop in England apart from her local Tesco has allegedly been caught stealing a £6.60 sandwich from Greggs.

Anna Burns was taken into custody on Saturday, two weeks after a judge let her go free despite her history of thieving and failing to turn up in court.

She was not allowed to go into any retail premises except for a Tesco Metro in Swindon and a walk-in pharmacy. Despite that order, she went into Caffé Nero, Lush, Polish food market Delikatesy Smaczek, and Greggs.

She appeared in court over the weekend where she admitted to breaching her bail conditions, but denied four counts of shoplifting.

She claimed she had taken an overdose of sleeping pills and has no memory of the incident. She will face trial Swindon Magistrates’ Court on December 23. Burns is due in court this Friday to be sentenced for previous offences.

Those thefts had seen her nicking mascara from Boots, two watches from Argos, clothing worth £72 from Mothercare, and food and drink worth £55.40 from Costa Coffee.

She claimed she was ill and was bailed by Judge Crabtree to go to the NHS walk-in centre less than 400ft from the court building, and return to court at the end of the week.

On November 16, she appeared in the dock at Swindon Magistrates’ Court, where she pleaded guilty to stealing £307-worth of goods from Marks and Spencers, and £40-worth from Sainsbury’s.

And on November 19, Judge Crabtree bailed her again, with a requirement she live and sleep at a property on Shepherd Street and co-operate with the probation service in the compilation of a pre-sentence report.


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