Viewers of Dolittle have been left disgusted due to one particular scene that features none other than a constipated dragon – and we have so many questions. 

The fantasy film, which stars Robert Downey Jr as Dr. John Dolittle, a veterinarian who can talk to animals, isn’t having the easiest ride at the cinema – it has received scathing reviews from critics and is not doing particularly well at the box office, as it is estimated to gross just $29 million (£22 million) in its opening four days against its $175 million (£134 million) budget. 

For those who have gone to see the movie, they pointed out that one anticlimactic scene was so shocking and weird, they don’t know just how exactly it made the cut. 

The scene, in particular, sees Dr. John Dolittle pulling bagpipes out of a dragon’s clogged a**hole, after which a polar bear voiced by John Cena exclaims “teamwork makes dreams work,”’ according to a viewer on Twitter. 

What on Earth?! 

And it seems that many other moviegoers have also voiced their shock and disgust at the scene, as they all took to social media to share their thoughts. ‘I don’t care that this is a spoiler, but Dolittle ends with him pulling a lodged bagpipe out of a dragon’s anus (that seriously happens, I’m not joking), don’t take your kids to see that movie!’ one Twitter user shared. Another disgusted viewer added: ‘I just sat in a theatre and watched RDJ [Robert Downey Jr] stick his arm up a dragon’s a** and I hate myself for it.’

One cinemagoer even admitted while watching the film that he wished he had been ‘watching Cats’ instead – which has also been panned by critics and fans. ‘There’s a scene in Dolittle where they pull a literal bagpipe out of a dragon’s a** and then it proceeds farts for about 20 seconds onto RDJ’s face. 

That’s all you need to know about this trainwreck of a movie.’ However, some fans have found the idea of the scene pretty funny. ‘Not gonna lie, I’m willing to pay full price to see Robert Downey Jr fist a dragon on the big screen,’ one stated. Another user also felt pretty enthusiastic about the film, tweeting: ‘God I might have to watch Dr Dolittle because of the dragon scene.’ The dragon scene might not be for everyone, but you do you we guess.

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