The Nigerian Senate says it will not be declaring vacant the seat of one of its member, Orji Uzor Kalu, despite his conviction by the Federal High Court Lagos.

The Federal High Court in a landmark judgement delivered on Thursday December 5th, sentenced Orji Uzor Kalu to 12 years imprisonment for N7.1 billion fraud perpetrated while he was governor of Abia state.

Following the judgement, there have been calls for the senate to declare Kalu's seat vacant.

However, spokesperson of the Senate, Senator Godiya Akwashiki, said Kalu's seat will not be vacant until he exhasuts all legal options.

“The Senate has no reason to declare his seat vacant. This is not the first time that such a thing would happen. There is no provision in the constitution that says the seat of any senator facing prosecution or convicted at a lower court should be declared vacant. He still has the opportunity to appeal the case.
“Even the tenure of a former governor Joshua Dariye, who has been in prison for some time now, ran its course until the end of the 8th National Assembly. Nobody declared his seat vacant. The Senate President cannot declare the seat of Kalu vacant. It is against the law.
“Tell those who are canvassing such things that there is nothing like that, it is a non-issue'' he said

He however did not confirm if Kalu will still be receiving his salary as a senator while in prison.

A Nigerian man has been apprehended by residents of Post Service Army Estate in Ojo, Lagos for allegedly setting his girlfriend on fire for allegedly cheating on him. 

The suspect has been identified as Victor Oji from Benue State. When asked about his profession, Victor disclosed that he is an internet fraudster. He also denied claims of setting his girlfriend on fire as a way of sacrificing her. 

The US Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Affairs has reacted to the rearrest of Omoyele Sowore at the Federal High Court in Abuja on Friday December 6. 

Recall we reported earlier that the #RevolutionNow convener's trial was disrupted by operatives of the Department of State Services who stormed the court to rearrest him. 

Reacting to the incident which led to an uproar, the bureau which is within the United States Department of State and under the purview of the Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights, stressed that the respect for rule of law, judicial independence, political and media freedom, and due process are key tenets of democracy. 

It added that they are deeply concerned that Sowore was rearrested shortly after being released on bail. 

The tweet reads “We are deeply concerned that #Sowore has been re-detained in #Nigeria, shortly after a court ordered he be released on bail,” the bureau tweeted.
“Respect for rule of law, judicial independence, political and media freedom, and due process are key tenets of #democracy.”

US government speaks on Sowore

Donald Trump is being ridiculed on Twitter after he made a statement that left people confused.

The US president was filmed saying: "Right now in a number of states the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother's womb in the 9th month. It is wrong. It has to change."

Donald Trump condemns the law that allows babies to be born in the 9th month, says "it is wrong"

Twitter users reshared the video as they questioned when is the best time for babies to be born, in the president's opinion.

Donald Trump condemns the law that allows babies to be born in the 9th month, says "it is wrong"

Some pointed out that Trump was trying to say "aborted" but mistakenly said born.

Donald Trump condemns the law that allows babies to be born in the 9th month, says "it is wrong"

Below is the video and Twitter reactions to it.

Donald Trump condemns the law that allows babies to be born in the 9th month, says "it is wrong"
Donald Trump condemns the law that allows babies to be born in the 9th month, says "it is wrong"

A pregnant woman and two others died in a fatal car accident at Lamenco Area of Osogbo, the Osun state capital on Saturday December 7th.

According to reports, a truck popularly referred to tipper, with registration number FNN 364 XA, loaded with sand was heading towards stadium on the West bye pass before its brake failed as it approached the sloppy Lamenco roundabout.

The tipper crushed a commercial motorcyclists with two passengers, a male and a female, on the bike. The tipper also hit a Nissan vehicle that had a pregnant woman as an occupant. She was rushed to the hospital where she eventually died.

“The tipper lost its break and was struggling to stop the car but failed, he was attempting to climb the wall of the roundabout when he crushed the commercial motorcyclists with the two passengers on it. The rider and a female passenger died on the spot while another male passenger was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The incident resulted into traffic until the Osun State Ambulance Service arrived the scene to evacuate the bodies and the survivor to the hospital” an eyewitness said

Patoranking had a few words for a Twitter user who criticized Nigerian artistes for not using their platforms to speak against the ills in society.

Twitter user @dougidawg wrote: 

You Nigeria musicians are not vocal enough 
With the ongoing in this country 
There should be call for occupy Nigeria 
A tyrant is at the helm of affair..
We need to save this country from collapsing

And Patoranking replied: "One Nigerian musician sang a song titled “Heal D World” how many times did you call the radio or Tv to request for the song?"

Patoranking responds to Twitter user who criticized Nigerian artistes for not using their platform to speak against the ills in society

WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world, Deontay Wilder has slammed Anthony Joshua for his "weak winning mentality" after the British-Nigerian boxer defeated Andy Ruiz on Saturday night in Saudi Arabia to reclaim his four heavyweight title.

Joshua, won with points and during the fight could be seen moving around the ring to avoid getting a knock out punch from Ruiz and Wilder has now slammed the boxer's tactics saying if he was the one that Ruiz had knocked out in the first fight, he would have put Ruiz's body on the ground, while also warning fans not to get their hopes up of a Joshua- Wilder rematch.


Wilder, told The Athletic on Sunday morning: “Joshua did what he had to do to get the win. He ran around the ring and was on his bike all day,
“Basically, he had Klitschko in the camp and he was a lot like Klitschko. That jab-grab-hold method. That’s all he did tonight.
“You want to dominate guys, man. Maybe I’m just too rough, too hard-core and too much of a dream for this time and era, maybe the world wants that nice s***.
“My mentality is so different from these other fighters. But when I think of myself as a champion, you want to come out there and whoop his ass.
“I’m not coming in, after losing to this guy, to just dance and grab and jab and hold. I’m going to show the world and convince them I am the very best and that no one is close to me.”
 “How can no-one say I’m not the very best in the world now?”
"I’ve given you what you pay for each and every time, especially when we’re talking about a heavyweight bout.
“Fans come to see knockouts. They come to see something dramatic, a body lying on the canvas, spread like it’s having birth. That’s what people want to see, and that’s my mentality.
“Joshua had many times he could’ve gone for the finish after he landed the right hand.
“When you land the right hand, you’ve tackled the distance.

When you land that punch, you know you’re in exact position for the second time around. But he was so hesitant… Joshua’s mentality was to survive. The Klitschko method.
“The difference is my mentality is that of a beast, a warrior, a king, an emperor, all those things.
“If he calls himself a king, he’s just on the nicer side of it. This is a brutal sport and that’s how I treat it. I ain’t showing no love for anybody in that ring.”

AJ declared after beating Ruiz that he will like to face Wilder but the American insisted: “I don’t think we’ll ever see a unification bout. We’ll never see it, and I don’t want people to get their hopes up on it because it’ll never happen.
“They couldn’t say anything about fighting me. They couldn’t mention my name. They went around me
“I’m too dangerous. You’ve seen what I do in the ring. I don’t play around
“And they know if Ruiz can get Joshua out of there, imagine. That’s why they stayed away from me.”

Bishop David Oyedepo, the senior pastor of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, has once again kicked against the proposed Social Media Bill being deliberated upon in the Nigerian Senate. The social media bill has passed the second reading in the senate.

Speaking at a programme in his church, Oyedepo said what the Federal government should look out for is hate acts and not hate speech. According to him, hate act which is witnessed in many parts of the country is far worse than hate speech.

“They are looking for hate speech, they are not looking for hate act. Which one is worse, hate speech or hate act? They’ll see somebody and cut his head and you’re free and they’ll see somebody and say you’re stupid then you die. Can you imagine that? It is a stone age mentality. But I think we’re free from it now, but there is nothing wrong in trying to make attempt. Do they think we are all dummies?”

The clergyman went further to ask his members if the Buhari-led government was doing well and they unanimously chorused No.

“What education do you have, where did you get it from that you want to bamboozle everybody? You’re not doing well, you’re not doing well. They must tell you you’re not doing well. Hear me, please hear me and answer me, is this government doing well?” he said
Watch a video of him speaking below 

At least this man of God says it as it is to @MBuhari and his Christian VP @ProfOsinbajo "Which is worse? Hate speech or hate acts?"
994 people are talking about th

Popular clergyman, Prophet Samuel Abiara, has declared his support for the Social Media Bill.

The clergyman while speaking at a press conference in Ibadan, Oyo state on Saturday December 7th, said the bill is not aimed at gagging freedom of speech but to fight fake news and sensationalism that could destroy the nation.

According to him, some unscrupulous elements have used social media to spread fake news about Nigerian leaders and clergymen.

“It is good that social media has expanded the information space globally. People connect and communicate better than before. But that privilege has been abused many times by unscrupulous elements who have been spreading fake news and libeling government officials and church leaders. People should be free to talk but once they report false or fake news, there should be consequences. They should not be allowed to get away with abusing the platform,” he said

An elderly driver who killed a woman when he mistook his car’s accelerator for the brake has been jailed.

Jeanette Newman, 64, smacked her head on the pavement when William Heagren, 87, reversed his Ford Fusion into her and her friend minutes after he bumped his car on a bollard.

The pensioner’s actions on May 26 also left Sarah Taylor, 53, with life-changing injuries. CCTV footage shows Heagren, who was 86 at the time of the fatal collision, looking angry when he crashed into a bollard after attempting to move the vehicle in a Sainsbury’s car park in South Ruislip.

The scene shortly after the elderly driver hit his victims with his car

He got back into the automatic car and reversed it at maximum reverse speed, narrowly missing a dad who had to pull his children out of harm’s way. Heagren continued until his car hit Ms Newman and Ms Taylor, carrying them towards a bollard which stopped the Ford after it had travelled 100ft. Ms Newman was left unconscious and suffered skull, facial and rib fractures, as well as a punctured lung and a blood clot on the brain.

Ms Newman’s life support machine was switched off after surgery to relieve a blood clot on her brain was unsuccessful

Her life support machine was switched off the following morning after surgery to relieve a blood clot on her brain was unsuccessful.

Ms Taylor suffered a seven centimetre laceration to her forehead, but was discharged from hospital the day after the incident. She later returned to find she had suffered an acute ischaemic stroke linked to the crash.

She sustained prolapsed discs and a hip injury from the crash and now suffers from hearing and swallowing problems and post-traumatic stress disorder. Heagren told police he was ‘raging’ with himself at the time of the first collision for being a ‘bloody fool’.

The elderly driver claimed he had put the car in drive with the handbrake off and ‘touched the throttle the slightest bit’ to go into the space, before the vehicle ‘reversed back at speed’. However, an expert collision investigator concluded the tragedy was a result of driver error and was ‘a classic case of pedal confusion’ at Harrow Crown Court.

Ms Newman’s partner of 25 years Andrew Roberts, 58, said he was ‘a broken man since Jeanette was so violently and suddenly taken away’. Barrister David Wood, in mitigation, described Heagren – who has never apologised to the victims’ families – as a ‘thoroughly decent man’ who has been ‘crushed’ by what happened.

He said: ‘The stigma of a criminal conviction after a blameless life working hard paying taxes and looking after his family is in itself a significant punishment.’ Mr Wood attempted to secure a suspended sentence for his client, saying the ‘frail’ driver needed surgery for a broken hip and was ‘at a stage in his life when even a minor fall could kill him’.

But Judge Lana Wood jailed him for 27 months for death by dangerous driving and 13 months for serious injury by dangerous driving. She also refused him bail while he appealed, saying he must go straight to prison. The sentences – which were reduced after guilty pleas – will be served concurrently.

Judge Wood said the driver ‘didn’t deliberately do it’ but the fact that he attempted further manoeuvres before recovering from the first incident increased the seriousness of the offence.

She said: ‘This was a case that has caused me anxiety I have spent a considerable amount of time considering the sentence. ‘It is not a sentence that I give lightly or that I would voluntarily wish to impose.

However, in my judgement it is the shortest sentence I can impose.’ Ms Newman’s partner, Mr Roberts, has called on Boris Johnson to introduce compulsory driving tests for motorists when they turn 70. Currently, when drivers turn 70, the DVLA sends them a form in which they have to declare their fitness to drive. They then have to renew their licence every three years.

Two men and three teenagers have been convicted of murdering a 19-year-old father in an attack which saw shots fired into a shop near a busy cinema.

Tyrell Graham, 18, and Sheareem Cookhorn, 21, were found guilty on Friday of the murder of Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck and the attempted murder of a 20-year-old man.

Three 17-year-old males were also convicted of Kamali’s murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to the second man, who has not been named.

Cookhorn was also found guilty of possessing a firearm with intent, while one of the teens was also found guilty of possessing a knife. The group had planned their calculated attack to cause serious injury on the night of February 22 in Wood Green, north London, a court heard.

Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck, 19, is said to have been linked to a rival gang

They had parked a silver Peugeot on Tottenham’s Broadwater Farm estate before setting off to Wood Green on bicycles to hunt for members of a rival gang at around 7pm.

Between the five of them they were carrying at least five knives, including a machete and a small sword, a handgun and a shotgun.

Tyrell Graham was the first to be arrested by detectives in April

They found their eventual victims, along with two others, near a Vue cinema and pulled out their weapons. Cookhorn fired shots towards them which missed the men, with one bullet flying through an open door in a shop and narrowly missing customers and staff. The victims and associates had prepared to fight back but fled as soon as the shots were fired.

CCTV footage shows members of the gang later pulling out huge blades before mounting their bikes to chase their victims.

Sheareem Cookhorn fired his handgun in plain sight on a busy road

Kamali and the other victim became separated from the rest of their group and the second man was surrounded, stabbed eight times and shot once in the buttock.

The attack was interrupted when Kamali, who had returned to his car, drove towards the defendants. After getting himself stuck in a row of parked cars he fled to a hairdressers’ shop but was followed inside and knifed to death. The defendants fled on their bikes back to the Peugeot where they changed their clothes and fled the scene.

Emergency services were called to the scene at around 8pm and the two victims were rushed to hospital.

Kamali was pronounced dead shortly after 3am. Police said they tracked down the gang after analysing hundreds of hours of CCTV and carrying out forensic work across Wood Green.

It took two-and-a-half months from the first arrest to bring in the entire group. DCI Simon Stancombe said: ‘So desperate were the defendants to continue their petty postcode rivalry, the gang launched their gun and knife attack outside a busy cinema and several restaurants packed with people and children enjoying their Friday night.

‘Having chased down Kamali and his friend like a pack of animals they set about them with a ferocity I have rarely seen. ‘Not content with the damage they had caused that night they then boasted about their murderous exploits in amateurish drill videos.

‘In truth, there are no winners, no bragging rights or anything to be proud of. One man is dead, another has life changing injuries, a family is utterly bereft and five young men will spend the best days of their lives behind bars.’ He urged anyone involved in gang activities or who knows someone who is to visit the charity website, who are independent from police and can be passed information anonymously.

The Presidency has stated that only the National Assembly has the constitutional power to restructure the country. 

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity Mallam, Garba Shehu who spoke at a media parley with House of Representatives correspondents, urged proponents of restructuring to take their agitation for restructuring to the national assembly as the Buhari-led administration is committed to the promise which is contained in APC manifesto. 

He said: “We in the APC are committed to restructuring. Read the manifesto of the APC. It is stated there and so, we are not running away from it. President Buhari is ready to restructure the country.
“The problem we have with a lot of the proponents of restructuring is that they are looking for the fastest way to that restructuring. They don’t want to use the parliament. They want to use extra constitutional bodies and that is untidy. If you are a democrat, you abide by the processes.
“The parliament is the institution of government working with the executive and the judiciary. For you to say no you want to do a congress at Yaba Market Square and debate; do you want to cause a fight.
“We must be organised and follow due process. If you have a case on restructuring, come to the parliament. In any case, the Senate President has announced that this 9th Parliament will start constitutional amendment in January. So, bring your issue. These are intelligent people voted for by the people.
“Those who shout restructuring saying they want a parallel body to-do that, we have said to them that they are wrong. The sovereignty of the people resides with the parliament and so, if you want to restructure the country, come to the parliament.
“If you don’t have confidence in the parliamentarians you have voted for, wait for four years and vote them out and choose another set of people. But you cannot circumvent the role of the parliament in a democracy and it is key to whatever restructuring you want,” he said.

On the controversial media bill, the Presidential spokesperson insisted that the proposed death penalty is not the only thing contained in the bill. According to him, there is need to curb fake news as it can lead to the death of other Nigerians which is not acceptable. 

He said: “It is your responsibility as the media to help the Nigerian government on the issue of hate speech before the parliament. The Minister of Information, who speaks for the Nigerian government, has spoken of the necessity of a law to govern social media.
“I am being careful on what he wants to do because I think there are parallel processes going on. I also blame the media for creating unnecessary controversy. If you look at the law being discussed, the media has focused more on the death penalty for fake news.
“You have a responsibility of studying that bill. Only a few days ago, the American Ambassador met the sponsor of that bill and at the end, he said Nigerians should have a rethink. It is your duty to reap it open and tell Nigerians what it contained. The bill is not all about death penalty or free speech,” he said.
He also said, “I think we have a problem that Nigerians have to address. Nobody is saying that President Buhari or the parliament should impose a law against the press. I am happy that they will hold public hearing on this and if you have any objection to some of the elements, come forward and tell parliament that you have objection. This country needs a law that will regulate social media and attack fake news.”

On claims of the current parliament being a rubber stamp legislature, Garba Shehu said; 

“Anybody who is thinking that because the parliament and the executive has worked together on the finance bill and the budget within record time, so we are dealing with a rubber stamp parliament, such a person better look back and see what happened in the past.”

Mexican-American boxer, Andy Ruiz who spearheaded one of the biggest upsets in boxing by defeating Anthony Joshua to win the world heavyweight titles in New York in June, has blamed his defeat in their rematch on three months of partying and celebration. 

The boxer who rolled out his excuses at the post match conference, said he partied, became overweight and undertrained for the rematch which took place in Saudi Arabia on Saturday December 7. 

Andy Ruiz said: "Three months of partying and celebrating affected me, what can I say?
"Being overweight, I wasn't fluid enough, I wasn't moving the way I wanted to move.
"I think if I'm lighter I'm going to let my hands go and be a completely different fighter."

When asked what he would have done differently if granted a rematch against Anthony Joshua, he said; 

 "Listen to my coach. Listen to my dad. And take it more seriously.
"I'm OK, I'm just a little disappointed. I should have listened to them.
"I tried to do the training on my own. I should have listened to them more.
"There's no excuses...the partying and all that stuff got the best of me.
"For being out of shape I did pretty good, I took all his shots."

Ruiz recognized that he lost a wide decision to Joshua but said he holds a victory too. He said the scores are tied with one win apiece and he wants a trilogy bout. 

 "I know for the third one I'm going to be a lot better."
He added: "There's a lot of responsibility being a champion of the world. I think the partying and all that stuff got the best of me. Next time it'll be a lot better."

Former Chelsea and current Super Eagles of Nigeria defender Kenneth Omeruo has revealed that he asked Chelsea starlet Fikayo Tomori to play for Nigeria before he eventually decided to play for Gareth Southgate's England.
                                    Nigerian defender Kenneth Omeruo reveals he told Chelsea
  Nigerian defender Kenneth Omeruo reveals he told Chelsea

Both Tomori and Omeruo were once Chelsea players before Omeruo was sold to CD Leganes in Spain this season having been deemed unwanted by Frank Lampard. 

According to Omeruo who was on loan last season, he and all players on loan incuding Tomori had a whatsapp group where messages were constantly exchanged.

Tomori is now the third Chelsea player of Nigerian decent after Ross Barkley and Tammy Abraham to be capped by England.
Tomori, who has been capped once by England was cajoled to play for Nigeria but finally caved in to the English FA according to Omeruo..

  ''Tomori was a bit younger but he has really improved a lot. Unfortunately for him he chose England. I wanted him to play for Nigeria! ' Omeruo said to The Sun UK

''(The WhatsApp messages) were good, the boys could catch up and share videos whenever a player made it into team of the week or was man of the match. That was a good connection.''

Anthony Joshua defeated Andy Ruiz Jr in their world heavyweight title rematch which took place on Saturday Dec 7 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The British-Nigerian boxer who suffered a shocking defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr back in June in New York City, regained his IBF, WBA and WBO titles as he defeated the Mexican-American boxer by unanimous decision.

See more photos from heavyweight boxing rematch as Anthony Joshua defeats Andy Ruiz to regain his titles

The bout which lasted until 12 rounds was scored 118-110, 118-110 and 119-109 by the judges. 

Speaking on his victory, Joshua said:  "I wanted to put on a boxing masterclass."
"First of all, thanks to god. The first time was so nice, I had to do it twice," he said. 
"I knew I could win this. This is about boxing, I’m used to knocking guys out.
"I gave the man his credit, I said I would correct myself, I respect Andy, But I wanted to put on a boxing masterclass.
"It’s the sweet science, it’s about hitting and not getting hit.
"No change in mentalist, stay hungry and stay humble. I’m going to remain humble in victory. Thanks to Ruiz and his family, thanks to Saudi, the fans and thanks to god and Eddie Hearn."

See more photos from the fight below.

See more photos from heavyweight boxing rematch as Anthony Joshua defeats Andy Ruiz to regain his titlesSee more photos from heavyweight boxing rematch as Anthony Joshua defeats Andy Ruiz to regain his titlesSee more photos from heavyweight boxing rematch as Anthony Joshua defeats Andy Ruiz to regain his titlesSee more photos from heavyweight boxing rematch as Anthony Joshua defeats Andy Ruiz to regain his titlesSee more photos from heavyweight boxing rematch as Anthony Joshua defeats Andy Ruiz to regain his titles

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